Saturday, October 26, 2013

3. New Media and Advertising

In the modern world, new technologies continue to emerge at a fast rate, providing new media channels for advertising and other fields of mass communication. Nowadays, people spend a huge amount of time on the Internet browsing news, socializing, shopping, and working. Social media has become one of the primary methods of communication online, while mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, allow people to stay connected 24/7. To stay contemporary and to reach more consumers, advertising has to explore and employ these new technologies and media, and the key terms here are digital and interactive.

Chris Graves, one of the top 24 creative people in advertising according to Business Insider, is an expert at both. As chief creative officer at Team One, he has done outstanding work for Lexus. In 2012, Graves invented CinePrint technology, which allowed the readers of Sports Illustrated to place their iPad behind a print Lexus ad to animate the page. This ad unites new and traditional media in an innovative way, allowing for not only visual, but also tactile and auditory experiences.

This year Graves collaborated with over 200 Instagram users to create a stop-motion film for the new 2014 Lexus IS using their Instagram pictures. What a creative way of utilizing the popular app in advertising!

Both campaigns are digital and interactive, which appeals to Lexus' tech-savvy core consumer. Good job, Chris Graves!

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