Wednesday, October 15, 2014

26. Eulogy

DISCLAIMER: This fictitious eulogy for Forever 21 is based on my personal experience with the brand. No offense intended.

The dark time has come – Forever 21 is gone now. It just passed away, but it will always stay in our hearts. We will always remember how great it was. Whenever you walked into the store, it always looked so polished and organized. Just a few rows with hangers – that’s all you needed to experience its magnitude. There were never any lines at Forever 21. Of course, not many people could afford such deluxe shopping, but the few that could surely enjoyed its unhampered and personalized atmosphere. And everything was so perfectly ironed, neat, and clean – not even a spot, not a tiny stain on its luxurious fabrics! In fact, Forever 21’s quality management was so unprecedented that they would always carefully inspect every single item to make sure that no damaged merchandise was on display. 

Talking about quality, even Chanel faded in comparison. No designer in the world used rarer and more expensive materials. And with what precision and dedication all its clothing articles were handcrafted! You could get only unique, one-of-a-kind sweatshop-free items at Forever 21, and all of them would fit like a glove. The highest-paid Chinese fashion designers worked on them for months, hand sewing them using golden threads and embroidering exquisite ornaments onto their surface. No one in the world will ever be able to recreate these articles. Their secret died with Forever 21.

There should be something special said about the customer service that Forever 21 provided. All customers were treated like gods – sales representatives would always run around them, catering to their every need. And whenever anyone had a problem or had to return something, they would always make a sincere apology and go out of their way to return the full amount paid in cash, even for jewelry and sale items. On top of that, they would even add a coupon to make the customer happy. No other living brand in the world has ever treated its customers better than Forever 21 did.

Of course, it will be hard for all of us to live in this world knowing that Forever 21 is not here any longer. It was a terrible, untimely death, but we will never forget how much value Forever 21 had brought into our lives. It will stay in our hearts forever. Amen.

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