Thursday, February 12, 2015

27. Typography

I've always loved typography. Reading books and magazines, I often find myself much more drawn to the design and font choices rather than to the actual content. I'm a visual person, so whenever I see something nicely designed, I will be more likely to read it, and vice versa. No matter how great a story is, poor design makes it less enjoyable. Sadly, I'm not a graphic designer. I can tell if something looks esthetically 'right', but it's always been difficult for me to design something from scratch. So this time I decided to challenge myself and take a typography workshop with Steven Asbury from Asbury Design. In just one weekend, I learned so much about the history of various typefaces and the basic rules of typography. Practice was the most engaging part though! Here are my two little projects I designed in the course of the worskshop:

For this first exercise, we needed to pick our favorite quote and design it using a combination of two typefaces.

And for the second one, each of us was given a certain typeface, and we had to research its history and then design a story about it, using just that typeface, of course. Mine was Bodoni, and considering its Italian ancestry, I went for a mafia-style poster.

Maybe these don't look super professional, but I'm excited to practice more in the near future. I love the process, and that's what's most important, right?

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