Saturday, November 2, 2013

6. Football, Pink, and Katy Perry

How can these three possibly be related? Well, considering the past months' events, they are. On October 19th, the University of Oregon football players wore black uniforms with pink socks, shoes, gloves, and helmets for their home game against the Washington State Cougars. The new uniforms were designed by Nike to support the fight against women's cancers and raise funds for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. After the game, five helmets were autographed by some Oregon legends, including the University of Oregon alumnus and Nike founder and CEO Phil Knight, and auctioned off in support of the Fund.
The Oregon Ducks wearing their traditional green and yellow uniforms. Image via OregonLive

The black and pink uniforms, worn once, were design to raise breast cancer awareness. Image via OregonLive

Image via Deadspin
However, despite this generous act, the football team received some negative feedback. For example, one indignant fan called editor Rob Moseley, expressing his anger and disgust at seeing his favorite team dressed in pink and the "stupid" intent of the organizers to "politicize and feminize the game of football." He emphasized that football should remain a male game, and that there is no need to turn it into a "powder puff party or a sorority party." Some other fans also criticized the new look of the players.

This reminded me of a similar incident that happened when Katy Perry's "Roar" was played as the Cincinnati Bengals' theme song at their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 16th this year.

The choice of this pop song caused a wave of negative comments on social media. The Bengals fans were complaining that the song, albeit its tiger theme, was too sugary and feminine for the predominantly masculine game of football, and that it was not able to pump the athletes up.
Image via MSN
In the case of Katy Perry's song, I'd agree that it might be too weird of a choice for the traditionally masculine game of football, where people expect to hear manly, driving rock songs. But as for the pink-accented uniforms worn by the Ducks, I consider it a brave, respectful, and generous act of raising breast cancer awareness. And considering the fact that these uniforms were worn just once, I don't think it's worth any complaints. 

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