Saturday, November 9, 2013

8. Not Just a Fashion Vlogger

YouTube has been a great place for me to discover really talented and inspiring people. One of them is Wendy Nguyen, an incredibly creative fashion vlogger from California. Her videos are not just a collection of fashion tips and outfit suggestions. Each of them is a true masterpiece starting from an idea to its execution.

I stumbled upon Wendy's channel a couple years ago while browsing YouTube for tips on how to tie a scarf in a variety of ways. The video I found was undoubtedly helpful, but the most striking part about it was its creative editing that truly amazed me, as I had never seen anything like that before. I subscribed, and in the course of the next few years I was able to see Wendy's videos evolve and become more and more skillful and ingenious. Here are her most creative ones in my opinion:


This stop-motion film is surely very personal and inspiring, but its flawless execution is what makes it so astonishing. After seeing The Making of Be Your Shoeself, I was literally shocked by how much work was put into the creation of this film, which required a great number of takes, impeccable management, some fishing wire, and a pair of green stockings.

I love this video partly due to the fact that she used the GoPro camera to make it. I enjoy watching sports videos filmed with this little device, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it used for a fashion video.

This one was made by Wendy to celebrate her 100th video on YouTube. Great outfits, but the editing left me speechless!

This film is Wendy's latest collaboration with Tacori. It's extremely emotional and inspiring. Its idea is so fascinating - the film follows a loving couple throughout all the highlights of their life together in reverse order. The warm atmosphere of the film helps present the bracelet in the best light possible, emphasizing on its core qualities: sturdiness, timeless design, and the ability to keep a couple's promise sealed throughout their entire life together. 

Wendy is my personal inspiration. As I love fashion and strive to excel at everything I do, I've been looking up to her as an example of the union between passion for something and high professionalism. Who is your inspiration?

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